getting focused.

since this summer i've been taking some time to focus on crafting for my family and my home rather than trying to stock my shop or be a vendor at very many craft shows. in changing my name and starting this new blog, i've had the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and redefine what owning this little business should look like, and just to take some time to enjoy crafting again. i think it's easy to get so caught up in wanting to be sucessful and comparing yourself to others who are accomplishing what you want to accomplish, that you start losing the joy in the making, in the creating, and you lose much of your inspiration. at least, that's how it was for me.

when my daughter was born, i knew much of my crafting would be for her since i finally had a reason to start following through on many of the fun baby things there are out there! but it still took some time and some experimentation to find out what worked and what didn't... which makes sense considering how much of motherhood is trial and error, learning from the advice of others and from your own experiences with your own unique little one.

what finally came out of the mix were appliqued bibs. i started making them not only for kenna, but as baby shower gifts [or welcome-to-the-world gifts as one of my lovely new-mommy friends put it] for others, and it was so refreshing to make them and not worry about anything other than the desire to show my love to the friend and new baby i was making it for. i've decided to start expanding my ideas for them and exclusively stocking them in a new etsy shop i've had in the works.

it's not quite ready for a full unveiling, but i wanted to share a bit of a sneak preview of some of these gorgeous children whom i love, whose families i love, and whom i am honored to have wear and use their bibs i have made.

k for kenna
precious miss E and those incredible eyes
little mr. H with his amazing blonde hair
brand-new mr. T on halloween
my cranky little valentine
one thing i pray most often for my little girl is that God will spare her from the pain and disappointment that is so prevalent in this world... everything from the bullies on the playground to losing a loved one before you're ready. i'm sure every parent wants to protect their child in that way. a simple gift of a bib seems small in importance, but as i have prayed it for my own little one, i pray that as i make each bib for each little life that will wear it. this is the kind of change i want for my business... to bathe each endeavor with prayer and intentionality and to hopefully be a blessing to those around me!

i've had lots of inspiration this week, and feel like a breath of fresh air is coming through and bringing something new creatively. it feels good to have a plan again! i can't wait to show you more!

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