inspiration: spoons.

recently i have come to a realization about myself and admitted it:

i love spoons.

laugh if you must, but it's true! usually i'm somewhat minimal in my decorating especially when dealing with a theme, but i think sometimes a collection just looks better when it's fully fleshed out [aka: everywhere!] and i can't think of a better one than spoons in the kitchen. here's what i would be redecorating with if money were no object:
jj evensen.
beehive kitchenware.

and some lovely prints on etsy:
by eva juliet and kari herer.

i love the idea of using vintage spoons as kitchen cabinet pulls [although brand new ones are cheap and cute!]
centsational girl.

now, i don't exactly have $4,800 right now, but how incredibly amazing is this spoon chandelier!? i think this would be unbelievable above a dining room table. i would love love love to try a diy version of this one! in fact, apartment therapy featured a really great tutorial that seems like it could easily be adapted to however you wanted to do it [i'm thinking a mini version on a cute lamp!]
anthropologie [of course]

how easy is this beautiful idea from pottery barn? old rusty-ish spoons in antique pickling jars [although i always wonder if pottery barn stuff is really vintage or not... remember that episode of friends?] i love the muted colors and moody feeling!
and let's not forget the spoon's hardworking friend the fork:

fork easel (i have a serving fork and spoon set that my grannie gave me that are family heirlooms, i think a little framed shadowbox similar to this would be great for them!)
the nester.

or in an assemblage with some cool vintage wood scraps and such, like this one. i like how it's the whole family (spoon, fork, knife) all together:
and i think i need this wee little punch. how cute would it be on some recipe cards?
one of my favorite parts of the super cute zest cafe in north raleigh (although their gift shop full of adorable home and baby stuff gives it a run for the money) is the little cutlery fence around their patio seating:
how cute would this be around a little backyard garden area or on a deck or porch? it seems fairly easy to make... pre-made fence posts, a couple of skinny rails, and some plywood cut into the shapes and painted. it's things like this that make me hope someday we won't be in a rental, and we can fill a house with lots of diy things that others might find a little odd... things like this fence on the back deck, doors hung on the wall, a coffee cup rack on the ceiling, some tree branches here and there, and maybe even some handmade furniture!


  1. I love it! I know I'm not the only one that looks at stuff like this and thinks "Oh, I just need to pick up some old spoons when I'm out at thrift stores and then that chandelier will miraculously come together!" So many ideas, So much to collect, So little time to put the collections together to make a crafty project. Oh well.

    I did a spoon post last month with a couple of the same sources: http://ladybirdsewshernest.blogspot.com/2010/02/spoonsbeyond-table.html

  2. oh too funny! I used to work at Zest! It was one of my first jobs in High School! Love that place! I love the anthro spoon rack too!
    -Sarah from Create Studio


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