baby sewing.

my lovely hubby m had to be out of town a few weekends ago, and i went on a bit of a sewing-for-baby streak while he was gone. i had seen a great tutorial for a baby wipes and diaper case and decided to make one for my impending neice-to-be! {a, if you still read me, you'll just never get any surprises again!}

i started off by choosing some lovely girly blues that made me think of my sister in law. i've been making things for her from fabric from my mom's huge stash since i think it's a great way for our family to remember my mom by having things made from material that she picked out {as with the taggie blanket i made for my nephew, which i noticed recently has deliciously been loved nearly to death! yay!}. baby girl's name is supposedly {hopefully still!} going to start with an "e" just like her big brother:
but then, after a dinner conversation where i got to hear all about her colors for this baby/pregnancy, i found absolutely the most perfect pink and green paisleys in the stash, which is exactly what she said she's into, so i remade this version:
it's not quite done, it still needs a bit of ric rac trim and the velcro for closure, but i am loving the colors! hopefully it is right on the dot of what she would like. my goal for any gift is always to try and make it be exactly what the person would pick if they had picked it themselves!

and of course, i had to make another one for my own little k in my favorite pinks and greens {it's astounding how often they go through these things!}.


and hopefully coming next, speaking of baby crafting, will be pictures of the completely completed nursery! and it's only taken 6 months {to be fair, there were basically two city-to-city moves in that timespan}. a bit of laundry is also in the cards... somebody got chocolate on the comforter! {ok, it was me.}

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