words to live by.

we have some good friends from our old church that are getting ready to leave this week for a missions trip to tokyo, japan. i think this is the first missions trip they've been on, and their first trip out of the country! M and i are so excited for them, and when they requested some little notes of encouragement to take on the trip with them, M suggested bible verses on index cards. i, of corse, who can leave no surface un-decorated, refined that suggestion to a little "tag book," modeled after one that a good friend sent to me right after K was born. she sent me a tag on a bookbindimg ring, and then sent another tag with an encouraging little saying about motherhood several times a week. it was so great to add each little tag to the ring and watch it fill up with encouragement!

so this is what we came up with for our friends, and popped it in the mail yesterday. i love doing stuff like this! it has 10 pages, one for each day of the trip.
the cover makes me laugh- i'm so into orange and brown right now & the chevron-like stripe makes me think of 70's running shorts.
each page has a verse and a little note why we picked the verse. i got a little marker-happy, and it was good fun.
one of my favorites! such a good verse to remember thoughout the day- words to live by.


  1. Hey, I happened across your blog via craigslist and had to come visit. I love this idea, easy for the kids to do too. I will definately be adding you to my "to read" list.

  2. So cute! :) Thanks for checking out my blog and sending me your's - I love checking out other people's creative ideas! Happy crafting!

  3. What a great idea! I have some friends that have recently moved to Japan to live as missionaries. I'm sure that your friends will really appreciate your encouragement and prayers!


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