perhaps the simplest baby gift ever.

knowing me and my love of letters, i'm pretty much obsessed with these little wooden letter blocks of all sorts. when i realized i had enough of the right letters to spell out the name of my good friend's soon-to-be-born little boy's name, i thought what a fun idea for her shower this weekend! (sorry for the terrible photo quality, there has been not even a spot of sunshine in the past two weeks here, i tell you true).

here's what you need:
  • little letter blocks spelling out the wee one's name or monogram
  • a wooden base big enough to fit the letters (approximately 1 inch per letter, depending on the size of your blocks)
  • some white paint (i gave mine a quick swipe of gesso first as sort of a primer)

steps to make it:
  • spell out the name with the blocks, and paint the unfinished edges white. if your blocks are pretty on all six sides you can skip this step! (target has really adorable all-blue and all-pink sets. wish i'd seen them first!)
  • paint your base.
  • set out your letters and hot glue them down. you can do them in a nice, straight line or move them around a little to look like a little kid stacked them up.
  • i like to paint the whole thing after the glue dries with a little decoupage medium. modge podge or such would work well!
  • at this point you could also add a little element to further personalize it, like a little whale or a golf ball or a teddy bear, etc. to one side of the name, depending on what the parents like or the nursery decor.
  • give to the momma-to-be or put in your own nursery to enjoy! (i ended up putting this one out in front of the party favors at the baby shower. then it was momma's to take home!)


  1. Clever idea! I will file this one away for the next time a baby gift is called for. :)

    I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Your blog is one of my favorites. :) http://www.anodynedesign.com/blog/2009/09/24/creative-networking

  2. thank you shannon! you are so sweet!


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