teeny tiny jars.

due to some completely crazy personal circumstances, we have moved for the second time in nine months, and my craft world is in complete upheaval. frustrating, but i'm trying to use the chaos to reevaluate a few things, regroup, and come out with some fresh ideas. i'm looking forward to what it might look like as soon as things calm down a bit. (if they calm down a bit?)

i'm still deep in the trenches of new-motherhood, and trying to figure out how my making is going to mix with my mothering. one cool idea i found recently is one for the growing pile of tiny baby food jars on my kitchen counter. they are ridiculously tiny and cute, and i was sure there must be some really cool ideas out there of what to do with them. one google search later, lo and behold:

a baby food jar chandelier

tiny miniature snow globes

tiny jar pincushion and storage spot

tiny travel candle with lid

and there's lots of "big jar" ideas that would be really cute when miniature-ized by using baby food jars, such as:

jar hanging lanterns

or you could take a few of the tiny jars, glue the bottoms into a shallow dish or tray, and then plant individual small herb plants {like basil, etc.} and have a little kitchen countertop herb garden!

here are some great idea lists from other blogs:

re-nest: crafty uses for baby food jars

repurposeful: how to reuse baby food jar

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