craft insanity.

in a fit of psychotic optimism, i filled out applications for four craft shows today {and another two will be going out as soon as the applications are available online}. all i need to do now is write out the checks {scary!} and get them sent out. here are my little application envelopes awaiting a little ellebee-ification-ization before being sent in for judgement. i mean the jury process.


if all goes according to plan, I will be participating in a craft show once a month from june through december! {with the exception of august, the hottest month possible in north carolina}. i have always wanted to have a real show “schedule” and this is the first time i’ll be doing more than two in a 3 or 4 month time frame.

I say psychotic because, well, my craft desk looks like this:


and my supplies look like this:


purely frightening. we just moved in, and since my studio is now in the basement, we simply put everything there to be unpacked and organized when i have {take} the time. my plan is to not even try to organize it {for now, unless a fit of frenetic cleaning energy hits me} and just try to work around it all until i have enough finished products for the show. the shows in november and december will be fun, because I’ll get to pull out all my christmas ornament ideas. exciting! here's the lineup, hopefully, as long as i get accepted to all of them!

june: handcrafted in n.c.

july: designer's downtown market

august: {none}

september: designer's downtown market

october: autumn arts festival

november: mistletoe market

december: holly days

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