idea book.

with all these recent ideas and new inspirations floating around, i decided it was high time i figured out some sort of organization system for my little sketches and thoughts. i have a terrible and deep-seated habit of writing my genius {haha} ideas down on random scraps of paper, and i do mean random... envelopes, receipts, and even one of those recycled paper coffee cup cozies from starbucks. enter the fun {and also recycled paper} goodness straight from the target clearance rack for less than $5:
found space journal by new leaf paper. their tagline is "paper with a past. and a future." how cool is that?


it is 100% post consumer recycled, the covers are actually from some type of cereal-type boxes with a cute leaf and butterfly print on the other side. it's the perfect size for a folded-in-half piece of printer paper {which i often grab to sketch on since it's unlined. and convenient.} and i've just been punching holes in the other scraps of paper and sticking them right into the little binder clips!

now i can work up to having all my ideas in one place, if i can remember to start carrying it with me everywhere, and can stop stressing about the little scrap of paper that got away! i also plan to jazz up the cover with some stamps and label stickers when i get a chance.

my next organizational thought is some sort of giant notebook wherein to store all sorts of patterns i've jotted down here and there, my favorite online tutorials printed out with their corresponding pictures {for fear that i will click the links one day and they might be gone gone gone}, and directions/patterns i've cut out of magazines. maybe i will keep with a theme and try out their binder as well!


  1. I just found this link on younghouselove's post and i think this is an awesome idea! I have a tendency of writing things down on used envelopes and printer paper,old receipts, you name it.


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