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my inspiring things! i'm always amazed at the wealth of incredible things people are thinking up and making... what a wonderful era of great design and handmade loveliness to be living in! here are some things i've come across recently that just whet my oh*i *love*that! appetite:

(apologies for not better crediting the pictures... they came from all over the place!)

a beautiful beautiful beautiful birthday banner! i've been wanting to make one of these for a long time, and came across this one while randomly browsing around for something else. it's even in my favorite colors, pink, brown, and green, and looks to be patchworked with amy butler prints! what could be better? i also adore the look of this table in general... i think this is how i imagine K's first birthday looking next year... pink juice boxes especially!


the whipup.com website banner with so many wonderful dots, i just can't stand it! i had just seen a beautiful dot quilt in real simple magazine
and thought how cool of a design it would be, especially to use up lots
of scraps and non-matching fabrics that you can't think of what else to
do with!

Numbers dresser

i'm also really inspired, for some reason, by text and numbers and
anything nerdy such as notebooks and pencil rolls. it never occured to
me that such things could become a cool design element of your home in
the most random places! (and yes, i really would do this if we had hardwoods!) both pics thanks to red shoes!

and last but not least, pretty much all things amy butler... her prints are just so lovely, they really honestly make me happy to look at them! i've been a bit focused on the lotus quilt pattern on her website, and i envision all of the following as throw quilts on my plain tan couch!
lotus quilt:



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