still making progress!

believe it or not, i'm still making progress at unpacking/organizing/making something other than a mess of my craft room... both my stuff from the move and the things i inherited from my mom. i've been sort of charting how far i've come by the big bookshelf that i had earmarked for all the fabric from mom (something i've never really experienced organizing before, since mine has always been scraps or smaller pieces like fat quarters... now i have actual yardage to deal/work with!)

here's how it was a few weeks after the move:

and here it is this week with some of the fabric starting to get organized:

i moved some of the clear plastic boxes to my desk that hold the items i use regularly (stamps, adhesives, ink pads, and punches) because honestly, i got lazy and tired of having to get up and go back and forth each time i needed something! (my desk and the bookshelf are on opposite sides of the room- not that far at all, but still).

and of course, there is still a huge rubbermaid tote and a half in the garage, full of fabric and other crafty goodness, that must come out and be organized! it's still on my pre-baby to-do list, so i'd better really get to work, seeing as how i only have 6 and half weeks left!

at least all the surrounding boxes on the floor are unpacked and put away, but that's only thanks to overnight guests having to stay in this particular room (my studio doubles as a guest bedroom when need be).

back to work!

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