christmas ideas.

some may say that mid-october is too late for christmas planning, and some may say too soon! but i've been bitten again by a bug that i think gets me pretty much every year... this probably being the least likely i could pull it off, with a new baby due on the last of november... a christmas with all handmade presents!

(and of course, handmade wrapping. that's most of the fun for me. my name is lindsey, and i'm a crafting overachiever).

now, for my family members that may actually read this blog, don't get too excited. the inspiration running high now, but is sure to come crashing down with the 3rd feeding at 4am with spit up all over me and when the choice becomes- create lovely handmade gifts for family or take a shower... the shower will win.

but it's still nice to plan, even though i said the same thing last year and it didn't happen. apparently this is something that must be started in january/february to be finished by christmas!

here are the ideas so far:

  • roll-up crayon/pencil holder to inspire creativity on the go for little nieces or nephews.

(picture thanks to mary made me on flickr)

  • notetaker/coupon/list organizer for busy ladies in the family:


(picture thanks to selmaoglinea on flickr)

ok, so there's only two, but they're simple enough and similar enough in construction that i may actually get them done (one of these days!). if nothing else, it's always fun to start thinking christmas!

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