a sale for summer!

my shop at etsy has been active since january 6, 2007... hard to believe! what's amazing is what a little community it is. while that's great for the seller (it's like a really fun quilting bee where you can make funky things and nobody will bash you) I wonder sometimes if it's not really confusing for a shopper who is just stopping by to look or because they know the owner of the shop or was given a business card, etc. the site does seem to have it's own language sometimes:

- "convo" is the conversation button you click to send a message to a seller
- "pif" is a pay-it-forward where you list something for nearly free in hopes someone else will list something as well and keep the chain going
- "destash" is when you've listed some of your supplies overstock for sale to clear it out

... you get the idea. well, in that same vein, a new phrase/concept has been coined: the yart sale. this is an etsy-wide kick-off of summer and father's day sale, spanning from june 11th to the 20th. my shop has been in a bit of a doldrum due to the lack of time i've had to devote to it recently (pregnant... new job... moving...) so i thought this would be a fun way to welcome in the summer!


all of my "yart sale" items are freshly updated in their own little section... i hope you'll check it out when you get the chance! you'll see some newer items and some old favorites... help make room for all the new lovelies to debut!

happy shopping!

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