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“it’s rare to have the power to change a mood. great design can.”

there's nothing like a wander through the blogvine to open your eyes to great design, and thereby, great inspiration! some may call it the blogosphere, or blogweb, i prefer blogvine as in "i heard it through the blogvine"- when you click on one blog, which links to another, which links to another, and then suddenly your screen is full of fabulous things you've never seen before and have no idea how you found.

a great post about elevating the mundane things in your home to make them more lovely, such as this awesome idea... decoupaging lovely paper onto the undersides of your stair treads in a lonely little corner that needs some loveliness:

i have (as i'm sure many of us do) great illusions of wanting my
home to truly reflect me and my family, in it's colors, furnishings,
and design, and a lot of times i forget that uniqueness can be
accomplished with something really simple, like a little decoupage.
frequently too, ideas all too often fall into the black hole of "i can
do that myself" and never quite get done.another thing i came across is a site of amazingly ingenious ideas
to make your business cards individualized and unique. one of my
favorites is this divorce lawyer whose card is perforated to purposely
split in two, so that both parties can have the information... no
sharing necessary! i love anything that plays on a stereotype.


the very "green" idea of resuable grocery bags seems to be gaining in popularity! while i really like the idea in theory, i usually either forget to bring them with me, and buy too many groceries to fit in just one or two. my favorite so far is one that, ironically, i picked up on a whim in the checkout line at my usual grocery store... it was one of those $2 off if you have a store card. i googled the brand name, reisenthel, and found out they have lots of cool stuff! i love how tiny and tightly it folds up into its little zippered pouch.

and last but certainly not least, the absolute minute i am able to find out the gender of our baby, and thereby instantly know both his or her name and initials (we have a boy name and a girl name picked out), i will be gifting to myself this incredibly cute set of onesies, presented oh-so-lovely-ly in their own wooden gift box! these are the boy ones, but all of them at handmade jig on etsy are ridiculously cute.


(thank you to each of these individual websites/designers for the use of their pictures! be sure to check out their websites for more awesome products!)

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