diaper cake!

i'm still absorbed in all things baby over here... we had our first ultrasound last week, and now are waiting the excruciating 3 or 4 more weeks or so until we can find out our baby's gender. i need, i need to know whether i should be crafting in pink or blue! because i leave it in the bathroom all the time, i'm about halfway through a second reading of what to expect when you're expecting and am seriously thinking it might be time for some non-baby fun reading.

in the meantime, i found this fabulous tutorial for a diaper cake that i had to share! it's very detailed and turned out absolutely beautiful! she also used the martha stewart pattern for those gorgeous pink coffee filter roses, which she also included a tutorial for. And to top it all off, she included pictures of the unbelievably beautiful tea party baby shower that she made both of them for!

be sure to check out her blog, homemade by jill, to see the other lovely craftiness she's up to!

my new favorite fabulous little bit of inspirational eye-candy to check out is oh joy! for beautiful styles and designs for home, clothing, jewelry, and other fun stuff! she posts pictures in that beautiful blog-collage style that i love.

in other fascinating news, i have a new job! i will finally be escaping my local target and rejoining the "real" workforce as an office manager for a dental school! if you love target (as most of us do) don't ever work there, it will ruin it for you. i used to always wonder if you worked at an ice-cream shop would you eventually grow to hate ice-cream, impossible though it may seem? well, the answer for me was yes, and i'll be incredibly happy for this new job to start on monday so that target can go from a place i love to shop and hate to work back to just a place i love to shop!

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