rutville, population: me.

yes, it's true. i am in a creative rut. you'd think with the excitement of a new baby on the way, crafty goodness would be falling off my fingertips like raindrops, but sadly, it is not so. while i am very excited, i am in quite a bit of a rut at work, and it's affecting my energy level (as is pregnancy) and enthusiasm for doing anything creative recently.

i did attempt to start crocheting a new grannie square snuggly blanket similar to the one i made for my nephew last year, but i didn't get very far with it. i was working on it in the car on a day trip to the beach, and on the way home, i had a very sleepy puppy conked out in my lap. but then again, tired from soaking up the sun and the extra effort of walking on sand and staying vertical in the waves is the best kind of tired:
LOVE that sandy little nose.

also, it's hard to let the nesting instinct run wild on you when you don't know if you're creating for a boy or a girl yet, and you don't know if his or her nursery will be in this house because we don't know if both of us will be changing jobs...

sigh. rutville.

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