around the studio.

i've been doing a bit of work here and there on some new ideas for petite bee, hoping to get some things made and up in the shop to see if there is any interest in handmade baby things. seems like there would be, right? this is what a project-in-the-works usually looks like around here:
i guess because we don't know which gender our little B will be, i've been drawn to lovely greens, tans, yellows, light browns, and neutral linen in the meantime for petite bee. i'm finding it's very hard to find gender-neutral items that are

  1. truly gender neutral (aka, no sneaking in of a bit of blue here and there) and

  2. still cute, sweet, and adorable despite not being permitted to scream the obvious "boy" or "girl"
i've run into this so much so in my own shopping, that i'm considering making petite bee almost exclusively packed full of lovely neutral items to fill that void (though almost anything can be easily spiced up with a pink bow or blue boat to differentiate). and wouldn't it be nice to have a go-to place to make gift-giving easier for those who are too early in the pregnancy to know yet or (ahem... crazy enough to) want to be surprised?

the other slight dilemma i'm debating is whether to open a separate etsy shop exclusively for petite bee. as of now, i have just enough things posted that it's slightly bothersome to me to have the shop in such a jumble (and i don't want it to become too difficult to navigate). however, you don't want to have to send folks too many different places to shop for fear that they'll lose interest. any brilliant input on this idea?

also currently on a halt are any attempts at organizing my studio for now. anytime i get anxious or worried at the confusion i soak in the one little corner that does actually look nice and organized:
(and yep, that's me in the red shorts in the reflection! hi there!)

the red "B" bag on the left is the one i did the no-sew monogram tutorial on, and the one on the right is a new laptop bag bought on clearance from target because of the ellebee green trim!

i am excited though, that i've applied to be in show where i'll be allowed to sell only supplies (with a bit of ellebee advertisement thrown in, to be sure!) which will help relieve some of the supplies-overload situation from the loads of things i inherited from my mom. i've done this show before, back when it was humbly called the crafter's flea market, and now it has "grown up" into the
designer's downtown market. The lady that organizes it is really nice, and it usually has a great turn-out among not only people wanting to buy handmade things, but also people who make things by hand themselves (thus the high hopes for releasing some of these supplies back out into the world). so i'll have lots of work on my hands getting them all packaged, priced, and labeled!

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