mmm.... organization.

i had to laugh because i just saw a friends re-run (approximately in the season 8 or 9 or so era) where chandler decides to get a new job, so monica makes a big, labeled, organized set of files of different ideas for jobs he could pursue. it's alphabetized (of course) and they start with advertising, which is what he decides to go for... so he apologizes for her having wasted her time making the rest of the files when he picked the first one. monica replies, "are you kidding? i got to spend 8 hours alone with my label-maker!!!"

if you haven't met me, i'm a little bit like that. ok, a lot. i do have a bit of a crazy love for organizational supplies.

so, if you haven't seen this website, see jane work, it's a must! i also had to laugh when i saw this "office of the week" totally decked out in ellebee green:


my husband laughs whenever i say that because he thinks it's funny that i have claimed ownership over an entire shade of color for my business. i just love the color! in my dream world, i would have wall-to-wall bookshelves for my craft supplies, and they would all be organized in little labeled boxes and wire baskets full of color-coordinated fabrics like that top shelf up there. supplies are so much more inspiring when you can see them all at once!

they also have lots of fun, cheeky notepads and other office goodies with a bit of personality to make the day go faster! i've already decided i need these for corralling my craft magazines, i love the brown:

(ps- photos are thanks to seejanework's website).

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