speaking of new arrivals...

now that we've finally told all of our immediate family, i can stop chattering about secrets and shoes and just spill the beans already!

i'm expecting my own little petite B in early december!!!

i promise i did not intentionally coincide getting pregnant with launching my baby product line, but it did just seem to work out that way, and how fun is that!? matt and i really could not possibly be more excited! (you can read even more about it in our
family blog).

finally, i'll have a reason to buy up all the adorable handmade baby things i've been loving on etsy, and i'm sure having my own little one will be a fabulous inspiration for the things of petite bee to come! (not to mention a great test market and build in baby-model!)

i had a little crafty fun in the way we told our families too... matt's dad's birthday was this week so we gave him a picture frame. i bought a shadowbox type frame and decorated it with some really cute
jolee's and little stick-on squares that read "sweet baby B."

the supplies:

the finished frame:

for my side of the family, we gave a playdate invitation for
our nephew to come play with his cousin-to-be when he or she (and we will find out!) arrives in december. i made a little template in paint, added the who/what/when info, and then used a little clip-art whale for the bottom corner to say hooray:

i had so much fun designing and making it that of course, now, there is one more idea for petite bee swirling around in my head. playdate invitations... birthday invitations... mommy calling cards... so many ideas, so little time! (not to mention energy these days. i thought 7 and a half weeks was too early in the pregnancy to be crashing out with no energy already!) i just can't wait to be big-pregnant, and of course to hold this little one in my arms and love and kiss on it and all the fun stuff that comes along with officially being a mommy. if i thought i was 'nesting' before, you better believe i've got some projects i want to start! baby quilts, crocheted blankets, a crib mobile, and about a million other things!

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