a shoe search.

ok, so i never claimed that this was a fashion blog, but if you're anything like me, sometimes the creativity just spills uncontrollably from genre to genre in your life! or maybe it's more about love of color, because ever since i saw the yellow cover of last spring's domino magazine, i've had yellow on the brain:
sorry for the fuzziness, but now you can get a visual... yellow flats, yellow printed dress, and a cute, classic tan trench coat. what could be better? keep in mind, i've been a black tee and jeans kind of girl for a long, long time. so not only a bright yellow dress, but a bright yellow outfit is pretty revolutionary for me.

i felt like i got the dress down pretty well, i got this one at target for about $25 in time to wear for easter sunday:

(a side note... unfortunately the dress is a bit thin and therefore slightly see-through, so i'm also finding myself on the hunt for a light yellow camisole to wear underneath, which apparently does not exist. may have to go with nude/skin-colored).

i had less luck with the flats. i found some really cute ones on clearance at the gap for $20... really cute yellow and white gingham, but i tried them on and they just plain hurt. ladies, life is too short for shoes that just plain hurt. unfortunately, i have a very wide foot and "just plain hurts" can usually be used to describe 90% of the shoes i try on.

in a perfect world, i might be the proud owner of these:

however, since a $430 price tag on a pair of shoes will never be a reality in my world, sigerson morrison might as well not be either.

a slightly unsatisfactory google search brought me to these:

but, having never even heard of the brand , i'm wary of ordering these online without being able to try them on. you never can be too sure how yellow the yellow will be either, although these look pretty.

and then of course, there were these:

yellow polka dots. i love polka dots . took me a minute to regain my composure... ok. reality is coming back to me, and these definitely look too narrow and painful. i do much better with the wide, slouchy, squishy flats, preferably with an elastic back part to keep it from digging into your heel.

so the search continues. i'm glad to see i'm not the only one a tad obsessed with yellow shoes at the moment!

(photos are thanks to the individual websites linked with each one).

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