thinking christmas yet?

if you're planning ahead enough to actually make some of your christmas gifts by hand this year and need some ideas, inspiration, and maybe a few detailed photo tutorials to tell you how to do it, i highly recommend checking out the sew, mama, sew! blog. the ladies over there have put together an incredible handmade gift-making guide... not just one gift idea for each day through november, but one gift theme each day with multiple gift ideas! my favorite so far is november 16th, gifts for the crafter (mostly because i really want to make myself a roll-up keeper for my crochet needles. shame shame! i'm supposed to be making gifts for others). but there are tons of ideas for several types of recipients that are probably on everybody's list (ie: crafty things, baby things and clothes for the kiddos, super-organizational things, and home decor things). there are direct links to the tutorials, most of which are super detailed and have step-by-step directions and photos, which is good for me. if i see pictures i can generally figure things out or flub my way through it, but if i have to read instructions i'll just glaze over them and never really understand what they're saying (cough cough **visual learner** cough cough).

even if you're not planning to make them in time for christmas, it is a good reference to have some great tutorials all gathered up for you. i've posted two of my favorites below on the left hand side under "patterns and tutorials" for my own future reference, the book cover and the dishtowel potholder. enjoy!

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