thanksgiving, a birthday, and other november-y things

this week i'm sorry to say has not been too exciting around here. lots of closing shifts and pre-holiday mayhem preparations at work, a little hanging out with friends, a little recovery from the show, and not enough cleaning up around my house. are you supposed to be feeling the need for a spring cleaning in almost-winter? (i say almost-winter because the mid 40's we get in january is about the closest thing to a winter in north carolina, as i've probably mentioned before. not bitter about the lack of snow or anything. nope. not bitter at all.)

i have a long-awaited day off tomorrow, which i have already filled to the minute with things i want to accomplish, as is typical and essential for the entire idea of a day off. i think it will look something like this... cut and color hair (badly needed in preparation for thanksgiving and birthday pictures this week and next, respectively), meet husband at work for lunch, take pup for slightly overdue rabies shot (probably also a nail clipping for her now-vicious talons), planning and possibly a grocery trip for supplies for our two thanksgiving festivities, and if i'm feeling extra productive... maybe finally unearthing our dining room table from craft show remains or ordering photo christmas cards.

so yes, unexciting daily-life-type things. for a few chuckles i'll leave you with a photo of our first married thanksgiving together, three years ago now. we had just really met each others' families right before we got engaged, then got married about 3 months later, then thanksgiving was about 1 month after that. scary how much younger we looked, and it's only been three years!

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