my first big craft show is tomorrow and i've got the pre-show jitters big time... do i have enough products finished? too many? too much of a variety? enough price points? does everything look pretty and cohesive? are my prices reasonable? will i have candy to snack on for a sugar rush when things get slow?

i think i do have everything ready, but there are always those little last minute doubts. i am, admittedly, much better prepared for this show than any others i've done. my signage and packaging is a little more professional looking (color-coordinated this time, at least) and i have more "inventory" you might say to fill the holes if things get a little patchy when i (hopefully!) make some sales. a few friends have said they are stopping by and i do have sweettarts on hand. and my mom. both crucial elements.

here is a very bad messy-dining-room-background picture of my layout plan (or plan-o-gram as they call it at work):

this is much messier and not completely arranged as it will be tomorrow... and it also doesn't include the huge picture frame i bought from the clearance aisle that i plan to make into a big chalkboard sign. for now it has cork in it instead so it will house letters to spell out ellebee studio since i don't have any type of shop name banner. but i think it will be pretty! more pictures of the actual booth are to come, of course.

so if you are local to raleigh, nc please feel officially invited to come check out mistletoe market at wakefield high school from 10am to 6pm tomorrow!


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