a new obsession

i've really gotten into the idea of hand-carving stamps, which i had experimented with a bit a few weeks back, so i thought i'd troll around on flickr a little bit and see if anything interesting popped up. well, yet again, i am completely amazed and obsessed at the cool things people are doing and making and posting pictures of on flickr. (one might also say this blog is becoming a bit of an obsession. yay!)

so this is the cool stuff i found...

scripty scrolls ... unbelievable detail ... simple and graphic ...

i thought this was an olive ... mini genius ... oh wow ...

all the seasons ... repeating image pattern ... so smart! ...

i like the mirror image ... sticker-making ... definitely my favorite!

this list isn't quite as extensive as the cupcake list, but still lots of fun to compile. there's just something about stamps that intrigues me. all that positive and negative space. plus, actually carving them is completely soothing and addictive. i started out by getting just a few hi-polymer erasers because they're super soft and easy to carve, but i'd love to get a speedball block for making bigger designs.

now my mind is going miles a minute. hand-stamped, gift tags, wrapping paper, regular paper, stickers, notecards, labels, a fun little faux postage stamp... looks like maybe the stamped envelopes from last year might be full blown stamped christmas cards this year!

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