new camera!

time for an early anniversary present! i had wanted a little compact digital camera for awhile, and with our anniversary trip to paris coming up, we figured it would be a good time to go ahead and get one (that, and a sale at amazon). a lot of the pictures on these recent posts have been from this little guy. it's exactly what i wanted in a small digital, and i'm having lots of fun getting to know it. (by the way, yes i did feel silly taking a picture of one camera with the other, but i wanted some size reference).

on another happy note... updates at the shop! i'm testing out some new lovelies like collaged coasters, and trying to get some projects finished up and ready to list. it's making for a really fun, eclectic mix. i love that i started out listing jewelry, and then the floodgates just sort of opened up to all the other things i really enjoy making.

i imagine this is not the last paris-themed item that will emerge from the studio these days...

in shopping news, my mom was in town this weekend and we braved the mall during tax-free weekend to hit the local sephora to find a certain eyeliner. well, i had forgotten how much i love "makeup mecca" as we called it in high school, maybe it's because it's kind of like painting with little tiny brushes and wands, but i really do love makeup. i could easily waste a big chunk of time and money in there if given the chance.

also, i've been on the search for the perfect (affordable) purple dress for my best friend's upcoming wedding in september. this one is my favorite so far. purple's not a color i'm typically drawn to wearing, but it's funny how much more you see something when you're actually looking for it. for instance, on the cover of this month's lucky magazine and in bunches of fall trend predictions. and let's don't lie, you know if i had an unlimited budget for such things, this one would definitely be hanging in my closet by now! i have pale gold accessories in mind, something like these shoes since it's a beach wedding, and the finishing touch... an armload of thin jangly bracelets. i'm also going to be designing and making necklaces for all of her bridesmaids, so i'm super excited to get some ideas flowing with her about that! i'll definitely get some pictures posted of them.

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