projects and more projects

i've got so many half-started projects in the works it's not even funny. remember back in may when i mentioned new baby items to launch ellebee baby? well, i made a few prototypes and put them in the hands of my sweet baby nephew to test out their durability and construction for me. my sister-in-law is possibly the cutest new mom on earth, and keeps an detailed blog of his escapades and posted a great feature on the fish onesie i made for him! thanks alisa and evan! i'm still working out some design kinks, but i have more onesies and some bibs that i'm working on now, and a space just waiting in the shop for all things ellebee baby.

i finally, finally bought some placemats to use in our dining room, something i've been wanting to do for literally a year or two.

i probably could have made some, but this is one of those projects that i could put on the never-ending "been meaning to do that" list and just let it sit there, or go buy some cute ones and be done with it. $12 for a set at 4 at homegoods sounded like a much better plan to me.

of course, now i'm much more inspired to go ahead and reupholster the dining room chairs. i've had fabric samples picked out for longer than i care to admit, and i need to just go ahead and do it. what's on there now is not the worst in the world, but just not exactly anything i love. i helped my mom reupholster hers one time back in high school right before a dinner party, and it's actually pretty simple to do.

i have them narrowed down to three options, but i really like the tan and blue. i'm excited about finally getting some color in our otherwise extremely neutral dining room, but a little nervous about pulling off the mixed patterns.
right now i'm halfway through processing a pile of digital pictures of new lovely things coming soon to ellebee studio. get ready for new necklaces, earrings, sundress totes, 5x7 notecards, and some fun new surprises!

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