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i felt like i had a totally unproductive day yesterday (other than getting my hair trimmed, which i desperately needed) so i stayed up really late last night working on things. we stayed up until about 4 am, which is not entirely unusual for us on a weekend. i got some new notecard sets and some gift tag enclosures done, two of which were christmas themed. never too early to start planning! i can't believe it will be here before we know it.

i started working on my mailing list too, getting some postcards that i'd had printed prettied up and ready to send:

don't worry, the addresses are all blurred for privacy in internetland. this is the first big mailing i've done other than the couple of invitations for the launch party i threw which was really more like an open house. nothing beats a piece of hand-written mail, and i absolutely love using tea-dyed address label stickers. they're time-intensive, but so worth it!

(by the way, if you'd like to be on this list please send a little hello with your mailing address to me at ellebeestudio[at]hotmail.com and tell me. i'd LOVE to have you!)

speaking of christmas coming soon, i think i've been accepted for mistletoe market in november. i'm assuming them cashing my check equates to my acceptance? i'll have lots of work to do stocking up (no pun intended) and making sure i have a good mix of regular stuff and christmasey stuff available. thing one... get my soldering iron fixed so i can make loads more soldered ornaments! i have some notecards, gift tags, and miscellaneous ornaments, and i'll probably get a few scarves done, hopefully. these little bad boys are what i'm most excited about making... they are fairly quick and easy to do while watching a movie, and absolutely sparkle on the tree:

i made a set for my mom last year and she loved them. this year has gone by so quickly, it's hard to imagine that we're almost at christmas again. maybe we'll actually get some snow this year...

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