first treasury

i've been featured in an etsy treasury! from what i can tell, folks can purchase a space to feature a collection of items by other etsians... grouped by theme, color, type of item, etc. for example, i saw one once that was anna nicole smith themed and had items in one way or another related to white trash, rich billionaire old men, and marilyn monroe figures. they do expire though, so hopefully you can still see it here for awhile, until it's past the expiration. how exciting!

we got a lot of stuff done house-wise this weekend. we spent the whole day saturday rearranging our living room furniture and having the cable guys come switch the outlet so that we could put the tv on the opposite end of the room. it's really nice to have a change, but its still taking some getting used to. our poor puppy is so confused!

i did actually get some placemat bags made that had been sitting around half-finished in my studio for weeks, and hopefully i'll be able to get them photographed and posted in the shop pretty soon. one of them turned out so cute i'm not sure i can give it up! i have several other works in progress that i think i need to sit and list out so that i can focus and get them finished. stay tuned for pictures!

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