i had my wisdom teeth taken out on friday, so it's been a dismal past few days as i've started a new position at work in the haze of pain medication and swollen cheeks. i did, however, wear my little friends to keep me company in the surgery as originally planned, much to the humor of my dentist and his assistant. i was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful sedation is... after i got the i.v. the worst part was over (other than the soreness of the past five days, like i've been clenching my teeth for a month). i've loved the excuse for multiple smoothies, but honestly, if i never see a mashed potato again i don't think i'll mind that much.a few days before that, i had been craving a good cupcake for weeks. not just a good tasting one, but a pretty one. in the spirit of my obsession with cupcake bakeshop, i ended up making mini ones, vanilla with buttercream icing:
and then i discovered it... as if i needed one more thing to burn time on the computer with... the thing i'd heard everyone talk about but hadn't gotten hooked on yet... trolling all the beautiful pictures on the infamous flickr. one simple search for "cupcakes" and check out all the wonderfulness that ensued...

pink cupcakes ... awesome cookie monsters ... flipflop cupcakes! ...

apron cupcake ... little daisies ... stamping cupcakes ... ice cream cupcakes

... simiple stacks ... cupcake scarf! ... pretty tray cupcakes ... red and aqua cupcakes!

... girlie-girl cupcakes ... ornament cupcakes ... pastels ... wedding cupcakes

... i want this in my kitchen ... yarn cupcake ... halloween cupcakes ...

stick cupcakes

obviously i could go on forever. i seriously LOVE cupcakes, but all good things must come to an end! [ps- not completely cupcake related, but if you love pink and brown as much as i do, this loveliness is for you!]

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