more painted furniture!

i think i have to admit that my penchant for painting furniture is basically a full-blown obsession. i just can't seem to stop! most of all, it's a way to buy cheaper, junky furniture on our tight budget & make it something really cute & useful in our home.

hubs & i had been looking for a large 9 or more drawer dresser for our master bedroom- we'd struck out repeatedly on craigslist for anything in our price range. then, lo & behold, as we randomly wandered the flea market one weekend, we came across the perfect thing! here's my terrible-basement-before shot:

 then we tentatively asked the price & it became even more perfect! it has this cool wavy front, little feet & the original hardware. but... it did need a coat of paint. so we primed the heck out of it:
 the color i picked for it to go with our beachy bedroom was krylon jade in satin. it looks a little wild coming right out of the can, but a little smoky glaze will tone it right down perfectly! [this beastly thing only took 4 cans!]
painting in progress, with all the drawers out:
we still have to sell our old dresser on craigslist before we have room for it in the bedroom, so it might be awhile before i have the 'after' shot ready!

while we were at the beach over labor day, hubs's mom mentioned that she had a chest she'd always wanted painted... it sat between the living room & dining room holding all the magazines, crayons, cards, etc. that we usually use at the dining room table at their beach house.

so when she came home with a bag full of cans of white spray paint, hubs & i got to work!
i don't have an 'after' shot of this one either, i've got to start remembering that! just wanted to share some current projects in progress.

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