you too can gallery wall!

when we first moved in, i wanted to absolutely fill all these empty walls with gallery-style frame arrangements. there are so many well done ones floating around the internet to inspire! i did our black & white wall in the dining room:
& traded out old for new as our family grew & changed. this is more what it looks like now:
but when it came to the living room, we were hesitant to punch lots & lots of tiny holes all over. there was just so much wall space! after lots of discussion of options, we hung one long shelf with simple brackets & filled it with leaning frames. it ended up being a great idea for a time because we [ok, i] could constantly rearrange furniture & swap out the frames without having to re-do it all or have it look off-centered, etc.
the new place i had in mind was this big empty wall above the love seat in the den.
i even had a little teeny one in my mood board photo to test out the look. see it there on the left?
to get them hung, i used every trick in the book. i used the paper template method. i used the toothpaste method. i even used a level AND remembered to take an in-progress photo! i was a little concerned i might not have enough frames to fill the spot & it might look silly. i shouldn't have worried! they seemed to multiply as i started laying them out flat & arranging them.
i used some cheap packing paper [you know, the kind meant to be scrunched around your dishes when you're moving?] to get them centered & situated. granted, these are terrible no-light after the kids are in bed shots, but it really proves the blah beige need for some color on this wall, right?
the best thing about gallery walls is that you don't have to have a bunch of huge frames. if you group enough medium/small ones together they read as one larger piece! i really love how purposeful the end result is!
it looks great considering it's unexpectedly the first major view in eyesight as you come through the front door:
i guess now i have to do some tweaking to reflect that we'd had a second child! is there a spot on your walls that needs some filling? i've pinned lots of really pretty gallery/frame arrangements on my 'pretty for home' board if you want to check that out... pinterest of course is a treasure trove of ideas of all the different ways to do one.

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