the den is almost done!

it's not quite done, but i thought i'd share how far our little den has come with really just some colorful new accessories.

before.... super boring & beige:
after... much more lovely & light-filled!

i still have several more projects to finish... some throw pillows, a new craigslist-find coffee table that's awaiting a fun paint finish, & maybe a little something extra on that plain little loveseat. but it is really coming together... i'm so excited!

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  1. Hi -

    just found you on google when i searched for storage and saw your pottery barn post from 2010. love it!!! best alternative to bins. My little ones always take them out and sit on it. I am thinking of making one for my little girls room for all her books. May I ask how did the crates hold up for you?

    Love your gallery wall. I have been lagging on making mine. Someday I will and post it.



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