something lovely this way comes...

you can always tell when a craft show is approaching in this house... my kitchen counters start to look like this:
thankfully, my family is always super patient and gracious with me... and by family, i really mean my amazing husband who must be constantly biting his tongue when there is about a one inch square space of countertop left on which to make a sandwich, etc.

love him.

but i'm proud of myself for trying to really plan ahead this time [like, 2 months ahead of time!] so as to avoid the major stress of trying to build up inventory the week of a show. and after a couple late nights of painting, i have a nice little stack of nearly-finished hairbow holders & more in progress! yay!
& my sweet family can rest assured, knowing that come november 5th when sebts craft & bake is over, the house will get back to what passes for normal around there!

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