booty goodness.

no, not that kind of booty. ahem.

these little boots just happened to hop in my basket at goodwill the other day... originally intended for baby brother when he was still on the way here.
$4 later they came home with us and though they were super cute up on the big brown dresser in his nursery in progress, the minute they were on toddler-level, look what happened:
yep! hijacked by big sister. she just can't help herself- she's crazy about boots. here's more proof:
these ones weren't thrifted [the hat was!] but rather bought brand-new in desperation at the threat of snow. the pom poms on the back are only slightly adorable & what 2 year old doesn't need pink boots?
this pair is truly vintage- handed down from me when i was her age, circa the early '80s. anytime she can get her hands on them, they go straight on her feet [even if she's not wearing anything else, obviously.] i just love how much she loves them!

not that we're wishing for rainy days necessarily, but what could be more cheerful than little red rainboots? too cute.

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