oh, what a staple gun can do.

before: square bulletin board covered in cheap fabric for $5 on the clearance rack at hobby lobby


after: cute little clip board for hanging/displaying earrings, or any other small lightweight thing that could be attached to paper and clipped on!



how to: I cut neutral cream-colored fabric to size (with a little extra to wrap around the edges) & stapled it in place on the back edges. I used two pieces to make sure the old brown cloth didn’t show through, & realized right afterward that I probably should have ironed it first. The trick here is to stretch it nice & tight before stapling, & to use lots of staples to secure it. then I stretched lengths of green ribbon across, eyeballing a generally equal distance between them & stapled them to the backs too. i used an iron photo easel to make it stand up on the table. done & done!

before: shabby chic style tabletop floral birdhouse fence thingy (maybe supposed to be used as a background for indoor plants?) for $4 at goodwill


after: tabletop hanging necklace display for craft shows!


how to: I started by removing the little birdhouses & attached grass by unscrewing the poles & gently pulling them out. Then I used a little green paint to dab over the little painted flowers to make it more leafy & less floral, & painted the pink ribbon detail into two green leaf details. i also dabbed on some green paint over the gray checkerboard edges. i added a few little nails into the top of the display (corresponding with each fence point) to hang the necklace hangtags. add the necklaces & presto! show-ready! I really love how these two cheapies transformed, & was really excited about how much they added to the look of my craft show booth! i’m getting there, slowly but surely.

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