paper lanterns.

i'm not even sure it's safe to tell you how many times i've almost ordered some paper lanterns online. i'm glad i didn't, because a few weeks back i found these at michael's for $1 apiece! (i think the big one was $2.50. but still).
with no shipping. they're doing a great little one-dollar-spot like target, which is genius of them. i used some ribbon to hang them at different heights and thumbtacked it into the ceiling, et voila! exactly the look i wanted on the super cheap, which is even better.
also, when you rock in the rocking chair, it creates a slight breeze that fans the lanterns back and forth ever so gently. love it! i'm trying to decide if i want to get a lamp kit to put in the big white one to make it an actual lantern instead of just decorative, also available on the cheap from pier one! (a fun little side note, recovering the cushions of that glider rocker has been on my to-do list since before K was born. i had the fabric out and ready to work on it the day my water broke, and then, well, life and a new baby happened!)

i have always loved these paper lanterns, and have to physically resist putting some in every room of our house. they are a great, cheap, and easy way to decorate, especially for parties! i bought some extra little pink ones for K's upcoming first birthday (wowza, already?), some yellow and white ones for a friend's baby shower that i am helping decorate, and some of the little green ones to hang around the edge of my booth for a little extra pizazz at craft shows!

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