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well i finally admit that i've given into the whole felting craze that i resisted for so long when i worked at the store. i used to work at a small jewelry and craft materials store, and everyone there was all about felt balls and wool roving and needle felting. well, i was the lucky recipient of this and this in my stocking (thank you matt! ahem... i mean santa)... and ever since then i can't stop finding fun stuff to do with them! this monogrammed stocking was my first trial project, and i was really happy with the way it turned out:i bought the stocking at world market, then printed out a hugely enlarged "n" (for my mom's first name) in a pretty font on the computer. then i cut the letter out of red felt and turned the stocking inside out so that the fuzzy side of the letter after it was felted would be on the outside of the stocking. the felting is really easy to do mindlessly while watching tv, which is nice sometimes.

the next projects i'm headed for with felting will be to try felting some thrifted sweaters (yay goodwill) and maybe turning some wool roving into felt sheets. i also completely adore this little ball wreath and will definitely be trying my hand at some little baby felt booties... maybe even a little mini stocking garland next christmas if i really go wild with it. (can you tell i like little things from the 25 times i used it in that sentence?)

my grannie's christmas gift to me was an embossing tool, despite having absolutely no idea what it was or what i would make with it (which i love!), she also sent me some of her old sheet music, both of which i used to make her a card so she could see embossing in action... with a little matching envelope, of course:
and matt surprised me with a big stack of cork coasters, they were waiting for me on the kitchen counter when i got home from work.
i get really happy over a big pile of naked supplies waiting to be crafted upon... i made a bunch of cool coasters with these for a craft show a few months ago by collaging old black and white photos from calenders with little phrases or quotes in type layered over the picture. i made them as a bit of an afterthought, but they turned out really well and were the only thing for me that sold out. i can't wait to make some more.

so many projects and so little time. i feel like i could hermit myself up for a month or two and still not accomplish all the ideas and plans floating around in my head. there's fun in the creating, but nothing feels as great as a finished product.

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