etsy is now up and running!

i'm incredibly excited and happy to announce that my etsy shop is now open for business!!!

though it all came about in a short amount of time, there has been no lack of frustration and perfectionism in trying to get this shop exactly how i wanted it. now i am so excited that i'll have somewhere for folks to go look when they ask about my jewelry! i'm starting with just jewelry for now, but i expect to have other items within the next month or two. they are mostly done, but need a little tweaking. those items will include crocheted sunglasses cases with felt flower pins and photo collaged coasters. be sure to keep checking back, because i have lots more in the works.

here are a few shots from the first official ellebee studio photo shoot. please do take a moment to observe the highly technical set and equipment.

yep, it's my back porch. here is one of my favorite shots of the day.
it's funny how photographing my jewelry all day... jewelry that for the most part has been sitting in my studio completely finished and waiting to be sold for weeks, if not a month or two.... seemed to breathe new excitement into pieces that, for me, are old news. it's always fun to start new projects and try out new methods, but for me i think i'll always come back around to jewelry. it's what i started with and it's what i feel like is the most rewarding to make. i like that i've generally gone with a more umbrella approach to keep the possibilities open, but i think jewelry will always be a big part of ellebee studio.

it's a holiday weekend, i'm on a high of accomplishment after getting etsy done. this is what my list looks like at the end of day two of my three day weekend:

  1. put finishing touches on jewelry so that it's ready to be posted

  2. photograph earrings, necklaces and bracelets

  3. make and post banner to make etsy shop official

  4. post the "first run" of items in the shop

  5. clean and re-organize entire studio (aka my big messy desk and closet)

  6. get supplies for sending out items if anyone makes a purchase from the shop

  7. set up a paypal account
number 5 is the scary one, but i feel like i'll be much more inspired to be productive if i'm not distracted with how much i need to organize and constantly stopping to look for things. secretly at night, i dream of organizational heaven... maybe someday!

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