making blog friends!

it's been an insanely busy week even though sales in the shop have slowed... i am counting that towards post-christmas bank shock and hoping things will only go up from here! my shift at work is about to change from 10:30am-7:30pm to 12pm-9pm, so i'm hoping that extra time in the mornings will translate to more getting more things made and posting for sale more often.

in the mean time, here's a quick hello to kelly from modernjune... and a huge thank you for posting a link to my site! it's really exciting to start "meeting" people from etsy, reading their blogs, and getting a little glimpse into the lives of other lovely ladies who love to make handmade things. go check her out at *modernjune* when you get a minute!

i promise i haven't forgotten about the powdered resin pendants...i want take some detailed step by step photos of them as they set in the oven, it looks so cool in progress!

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