i like big lamps & i cannot lie.

oh poor, sad craft blog. i'm sorry to say you've once again been sacrificed at the feet of raising these three precious wild littles of mine. & we found out a few months ago that one more is coming! suddenly, a year has come & gone & so much crafting has been left undocumented.

so here i am, sitting during the 30 minute window i have left of naps, blogging on my smart phone. #thisismotherhood

blogging on smart phones, of course, means terrible cellphone pics of quickly-attempted photo staging... what a crime in the pinterest age! gotta work on that.

i'm just going to just pretend i haven't been off the blog grid for nearly a year & pick right back up with this incredible lamp i found today. thrifting/reselling/yardsale-ing is big here in this still-new town of ours & stuff goes cheap. sometimes an impulse buy is a good thing when it's a huge, gorgeous, creamy white ceramic lamp. on half off day at a local church's tag sale. for ten bucks.

like this one.

combine it with my huge $3 goodwill lampshade that i re-covered in green damask forever ago, & i think we have a winner for that little spot that used to have a floor lamp until we re-arranged (again). i never imagined there could be a table lamp big enough to make that lampshade look almost too small!

look how much cozy it adds to that corner. love it.
i'm grateful for a husband who doesn't give me (too much) grief about another lamp in the house. when we got married, i think we had one pitifully sad little cheap dorm room walmart-style floor lamp by the couch & one little table lamp in one of the bedrooms that my mom bought one time she stayed with us (because she knew).

 we've recently dismantled the guest room upstairs & the 2 lamps now sitting on the floor that were formerly on bedside tables admittedly make the room feel a bit like a lamp graveyard.

but i'm happy with my new ceramic lovely. if i hadn't snapped her up when i did, i'd have been regretting it all day!


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