a story of three little faces...

i've had a bit of unintentional silence for awhile here on the blog & also survived a lesson learned in staying updated on recording my projects here & backing up my photos...

the first reason for getting backed up was this little face, baby gunnar, who joined our wild crew on march 12th. 

he's now 4 months old & i'm just starting to truly feel like i'm coming up for air!

this little face was thrilled to welcome him in her handmade-by-mama stenciled shirt:

& this little face, my wild monkey who is just entering some terrible twos, decided to dunk mommy's cellphone in a glass of water like a cookie & all of the project photos on it are gone.
trickster that he is.

so instead of detailed tutorials & surprising before & afters, i have just a few scrapped together updates with the handful of photos i had saved in other places of all the crafty escapades i've been up to for the past several months. 

live & learn i guess. back up those photos & never underestimate the destructive power of an inquisitive toddler! being a family of 5 is happy chaos for sure!

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