watch out, world...

momma's got a brand new favorite way to label stuff. it's easy, it's cheap & it's fully customizable.
[spell check says customizable is not in fact a word. i beg to differ.]

all it takes is masking tape & a colorful sharpie! i get so tired of picking out or making cute labels for stuff just to have the sticky wear off or not stick to things to begin with. the only solution seemed to be to more permanently attach them [with something like hot glue] & sometimes risk damaging the item. 
while pretty simple & basic, to me this way is much better because you can cut the masking tape to size & use any number of sharpie colors! i went on a bender the other day & labeled all of my kids' crafty stuff & half of our basement this way. i especially love it on these clear boxes since not much else will stick well to them & the kids can still see what's in each one. and let's just say all my spray paint is very happy living in its very own labeled crate on the shelf.
when you want to use the container for something else, it's quick & easy to remove! win, win, win! 

what are you labeling lately?

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