how to make a custom chore chart!

my husband & i decided that at almost 4 years old, our big K bear is big enough to start her very own chore chart to earn special treats and toys! after seeing lots of really cute and customize-able ones from other bloggers out there, i decided to go ahead & make our own for her so that we could have it exactly customized to her little jobs around the house. we purposely picked jobs that she already is fully able to do on her own, & also added in 2 attitude-related ones as well. i also changed 'chore' to 'contribution' to emphasize the positive- we help each other in our family because we love each other!
i wrote 'contribution chart' along the side of a piece of white card stock in marker & then decided to use stickers from there. big colorful letter stickers indicate the days of the week [i guess she gets a break on the weekends, hah!] & then used 'item' stickers that would represent her jobs. i ended up also writing the job underneath each picture, mostly in case M & i forgot what the were.
once it was all decorated & stickered up, i took it to staples to get it laminated. it only cost about a dollar & greatly improved the chart itself! now it will hold up a nice long time, makes it easy to reuse over & over, and is fully wipeable/re-sticker-able! [you can also use magnets to fill the little squares.]
the attitude-related ones are ones we talk about constantly in our house, being a big helper [obeying & doing something quickly when asked] & having a grateful heart [saying please & thank you & having a good attitude!] these are things we want to reinforce in our kids anyway, & if K can earn a sticker for it, she's all the more motivated!
the little happy face stickers are from the dollar spot teacher supplies at target. i like them because they're small enough that more than one can fit in each little square of the chart & there's also a ridiculous amount of them in the package for just a buck! win.

her prizes are also ready & waiting [& taunting her a little, unfortunately!]. as you can see she's heavily into my little pony right now & the tinkerbell night light is from the dollar tree. we try to keep each prize under 2 or 3 dollars & she earns one by filling up the whole chart. [sometimes we may surprise her by giving a small treat after she's filled up a day or 2 & of course we show grace if not every single little square is filled.] it's been fun finding little cute things that we know will excited her & adding them to the prize stash to surprise her with later!
 i'm really excited about rewarding my babe for her already pretty great behavior. i'm blessed with such sweet kiddos!

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