favorite thrifty find!

in my search for new local places for secondhand furniture, i discovered the cutest little mom n' pop thrift store with some good stuff & great prices. i saw this little blue mirror & liked it, but wasn't sure if it was a necessity yet- i'm trying to smartly buy the bigger pieces for our living room first & then fill in with the accessories so as not to blow the whole budget on little stuff.

well, several days later & after one trip back when they were closed, i dragged both my kids out in the rain to go back for it. that's how much i like it! she was marked $25 but i got her for $20 because i also got a pair of lamps [more on those soon!] & the very nice lady took $40 for the whole shebang!
she [yes, the delicate but substantial mirror in the perfect shade of sky blue with the subtle but lovely detail is definitely a she] found a happy new home in our entry where she fits perfectly & is big enough to basically serve as a full-length mirror right before we walk out the door:
except that now i think i need some sort of half circle little entry table our shoe basket can tuck up under!

i think i'm starting to really get the whole thrifting thing.... the thrill of the hunt & of finding a bargain... it's hard for me to justify paying full price at target & i really like the more eclectic look a unique find gives!

what is your favorite goodwill/craigslist/thrift store score? either recent or of all time. i want to hear!

p.s. if you can't find a mirror at goodwill/craigslist/thrift that you really like, try looking at lowes with these coupons!


  1. I love thrifting but don't do it often. However, you must share this mom-and-pop store you've found in our area :)

  2. yes! it's a cute little place right in the middle of rolesville called from jewels to tools :) & right across the street is this funky little flea market owned by this cute little old man. it is hard to find kid-less time to go!


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