catching up with life.

do you ever feel like life is running away with you?

i had a lot of fun blogging through christmas... some handmade gifts, posting the first ever tour of my home on the internets, & even did a full-on blog series of no-budget christmas decor! then a bunch of life happened. we all took turns getting sick off an on [seemingly] without end. hubs started a second job. we're praying through tons of major life changes. i'm having to carve my crafting time carefully out of my day & am finding lots of inspiration wasting way too much time on pinterest. potty training. sleep training. exclusively nursing an almost-toddler.

it's stressful season of life right now, & i'm tired. too tired most days even for my relaxing, fun crafty hobbies to be very, very honest. usually i'm crashing on the couch with pinterest & a diet coke after i put the kids to bed & barely moving again until [my] bedtime.

but enough complaining.

on the upside, i have a suddenly very mobile almost-one-year-old who occasionally decides naps are for wussies... so i'm back in the world of tiny little hands grabbing my shin from out of nowhere, only to look down & see a little adoring face staring back up at me.
which is truthfully pretty great. i love, love, love the little faces in my home so much.

i'm also excited because we've set aside a little money to finally finish furnishing/decorganizing our house a little bit. & i'm SO excited about that because that means lots of diy projects, and even some really fun thrifting/junking in order to make it all happen on a budget!

more on that coming soon... i've been obsessively pinning, craigslisting, & even mood boarding... so excited!

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