i'm a wanderer.

i have to admit that sometimes my mind wanders. i sit at the computer thinking ok, i will check my email, maybe one or two other websites, and then be done! suddenly, i log off the computer an hour later because one cool thing i clicked on led me to another... and then another...

i am especially bad about this with crafty websites. there are just so many awesome craft blogs out there with great ideas and amazing tutorials! i can't stop at just one. i'll give you an example of how it happens with me.

i've been looking at birthday ideas for my soon-to-be-two-year-old [eep!] and saw on a friend's facebook page a completely darling balloon wreath she made for the front door of her daughter's first birthday party. so i started googling "diy balloon wreaths" and decided i definitely must make one:
balloon wreath from how does she

then i started thinking about how i want to do a candy shop theme for her party and about those cute gumdrop wreaths i've seen around blog-land... now where were those? oh, here we go:
gumdrop wreath tutorial on kiddley

then i started thinking about the peppermint centerpiece i made at christmas last year and how i have 2 big bags left over and that i could do the same thing with peppermints... how cute would a peppermint wreath be? then in searching for the wreath, i found these peppermint stick candles [or vases] and peppermint tree centerpieces:
candles and trees from let's entertain

and suddenly my mind is frantic with ideas... what other edible things could you make a wreath out of? cookies? candy corn for fall? and christmas ideas... oh i have so many things i want to make for christmas!

and suddenly i'm lost in a sea of handmade ornament ideas. i feel inspired, excited, and slightly panicked. where do i start?

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