a little amour for a friend.

it has admittedly been quite awhile since i have made any jewelry to speak of. it's sad too because i love making it, and rarely have any made & ready to go when i get dressed [that forever happens on sunday morning when i get dressed up for church]. maybe i just need to organize what i have a little better- i'm a person that needs to have all her options visible at one time to be able to effectively pick!

but all this week i've been thinking about one of my best childhood friends, an amazing woman who now lives in new york city and is pursing an acting career, and really missing her. and i got in the mood to make her a little something to say hello and for her to wear and be reminded of how cool i think she is. so last night i got to work down in my craft room [ahem... basement] and made her this little bit of amour:
it makes me think of a ring around the moon & reminds me of her. the top loop slides back and forth, and the little stone rotates inside the ring. and the little leaf at the clasp is just for fun. and it is tucked into my favorite little tiny brown paper bags and ready to be mailed to brooklyn.

so here's to good friends even though they're far away, and here's especially to finally getting back to making!

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