a little off track.

so, admittedly, i have fallen a little behind on my make-a-day plan... um, about two weeks behind actually. i again have fallen victim to my own difficulties in finishing one project at a time. i get so excited and inspired working on one that i just skip around to several others, and suddenly, there are 5 new half-finished projects sitting on my desk, and none that are finished, photo-ed and ready for documenting in my little experiment! such is life.

i got really excited this week when i received this joel dewberry woodgrain fabric that i needed for two of my projects i have in mind. i finally bit the bullet and just ordered it. i liked it so much and thought it was so deliciously unusual that i started wondering what other people were making with it. well, one search of the single word "woodgrain" and an entire world of etsy loveliness opened up! here's a new list of etsy faves:

acorn bib and onesie by bean pickle sprout


ring by block party press


thank you notes by lemon loves paper


dish by the brick kiln


(crocheted!) log and acorn necklace by christine domanic


band by honeybee


super cute little cozy by karley


and i know they don't specifically have a woodgrain print, but i've been a huge fan of hi tree's awesome felt tree stuffies! i love the unique layered look of them (not to mention the tininess!). these little guys were a bit of inspiration behind the project that i bought the woodgrain fabric for in the first place... a little plush stuffy tree with a woodgrain trunk! i can't wait to get started on it!

more make-a-day coming soon, i promise!

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