happy birthday, mom (day 1)

today would have been my mom's 54th birthday, and is the first birthday of hers that has passed since she went to heaven last january. after several trips to help my dad sort through her things, and the inheritance of a lifetime's worth of her crafting supplies, i've been a bit overwhelmed at not only the amount of supplies i have, but the wealth of unfinished projects, both hers and my own, that i have accumulated. and as any maker knows, there is no end to the ideas and projects that want to be started! in that vein, i've decided to start a month-long sort of celebration, a crafting commemoration of sorts, in honor of her and with the intent of finishing projects...

make-a-day for a month!

each day for a month, starting on her birthday, i'm going to make (or put the finishing touches on) at least one craft project every single day. even if the dishes are dirty. between nursing and changing diapers. even if i'm tired. even if it's the only thing i get done all day. i'll do it, and think of my mom as i make each thing, using the supplies she left me and the skills she taught me. i might even make it tradition and do it every year!

i'll be posting pictures of each project as i get it done, and will be celebrating her life and memory with each thing made. i cheated a tiny bit for this first project by making it yesterday, but only because i needed it for today on her actual birthday. i'm headed back into raleigh (my hometown) to celebrate "nana day" with my brother's kids and mine. this is also something we're doing this year to remember mom, and will also probably become a yearly tradition. the first make-a-day project is a little party favor for nana day.


mom loved celebrations (especially the little things), and loved to make party favors for any party. tea parties, birthday parties, wedding showers, baby showers... mom always had it all together in the party planning arena. so for this first nana day, i made some simple fabric-covered button magnets with fabric from her massive stash in her favorite colors, pink and brown! mom would never let a party go un-favored!


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