nesting... definitely nesting.

my nesting instinct with this baby on the way finally reared it's head at my crafting... which resulted in my getting several things made! in a matter of about 3 hours yesterday, i managed to try a new craft, make a bib for our baby, and make 3 bibs for our nephew which will be part of his christmas present! i even got them photographed just in time before i lost too much sunlight (always a frustration if i'm not totally on top of my game... many times i end up making one day and photo-ing another!). here are the spoils of the day:

delicious pink fabric covered button hairclips:

christmas gift bibs, with monogram appliques:

a monogram applique bib for my little k:

and an embroidered k wall hanging, inspired by an m that i couldn't justify affording instead of making myself:

my next plans for before the baby get here are to finish the quilt and i've also bought fabric to try to recover the cushions of my second-hand glider rocker. the fact that this could even be possible is only because of this tutorial where i'm still not sure how she makes it look so easy! i haven't started that one because it's just so intimidating! any suggestions are welcome. i'm definitely not planning to do anything tricky like a zipper or tufts, but still... intimidating.

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