baby wish quilt- part two.

after a rather long pause to order polka dotted bias tape for the binding, progress is back in motion on the baby quilt, and it's almost done! i'm so excited to see how far it's done, and it feels so good in my hands just bunching it up to carry it around, i know it's going to be the perfect quilt to snuggle up my little wee one in. i hope it's the kind of quilt i have to peel the ancient threads of away from my daughter when she goes off to college...

all the hand embroidery was time-consuming, but turned out so much prettier than the machine embroidery, i really wish i had done it all by hand!

more embroidery and starting the piecing:

more piecing, adding in the dark brown strips (with all the embroidery done!):

suddenly, i have a quilt top! (this one is darker because i had been working late at night and couldn't stand to wait until the morning to take a photo):

i decided to add a border to make the quilt a bit bigger and to even out the edges some from where the machine embroidery had made them a little squished. the border matches the backing print.


lining up the quilt top, batting, and backing fabric and trimming to size:

pinning all three into a quilt sandwich to start quilting!

i added an appliqued handwritten quilt label on the back for posterity and so baby K will know the significance of why i wanted to make the quilt for her:

starting to sew on the bias tape binding! i went vintage so that i could get brown polka dots, and it wasn't easy to come by! current bias tape is so boring, but i didn't want to take the time to make my own. thanks to my stubbornness however, and my absolute desperation to have the brown polka dots on the edges, i did discover how obnoxious it is to refold and re-iron single fold bias tape instead of using double fold... not recommended!

as soon as i can get the rest of the binding done, it will be all finished. even the batting i used was inherited from my mom. it's already so soft and snuggly feeling, i can't wait to see it finished!

***edited to add: i wrote this post 3 days before going into labor. i finished the quilt literally the day before the baby came!***

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